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It's A Boy

RRP $19.99

Have a new baby in the house? Know somebody who's expecting? This is the gift book you're looking for. Ripped from the internationally popular comic strip "Baby Blues" and selected by Jerry Scott and Rick Kirkman, these are the definitive strips that shaped the lives of the "Baby Blues" characters when they added children to the family.

In "It's a Boy," three-year-old Zoe MacPherson goes from exalted only child to, ugh, older sibling when her parents, Darryl and Wanda, bring home baby Hamish (nicknamed Hammie). With her domination of the MacPherson household challenged by this cheerful intruder, the precocious Zoe is forced to cope with the harsh reality of sharing attention--and everything else

"It's a Boy" will delight moms, moms-to-be, and any family member lucky enough to deal with a new baby.

I'm A Boy

RRP $29.95

The expectation while awaiting the birth and arrival of a little boy or little girl, and his or her first days together with the family, the first experiences, habits, mealtimes, bathing and other daily rituals, the first steps and first words, the special occasions, birthdays-and all of his or her "first times": every moment of baby's first year can be related and immortalised in this family album of memories.

Spaces dedicated to the most important photographs alternate with themed chapters that are simple and easy to compile, giving life to a truly personalised diary gathering together the most important stages of the new family's first three years. Modern and cheerful illustrations, designed in two versions-for baby boy or baby girl-further enrich the book by giving freshness and colour to the pages.

The family tree and the personal stories and reflections from parents and relatives all make the album into a volume to be kept by the family, for reading every now and again about its own history.

It's A Baby Boy Coloring Book

RRP $18.99

It's a baby boy is a coloring book to celebrate pregnancy and the birth of a lovely, beautiful boy. No joys on Earth bring greater pleasure than a little boy to love and treasure.

Vivid colors, great illustrations and imagination are all you need to keep calm and relaxed!

Each picture is printed on its own 8.5 x 11 inch page so no need to worry about smudging.

Baby Listens

RRP $4.99

This Little Golden Book reissue features Eloise Wilkin's chubby-cheeked babies discovering sounds around the house, from the jingle of Mommy's keys to the buzzing of Daddy's razor. This timeless classic, featuring some of Eloise Wilkin's best artwork, will delight little ones and their families as much as it did when it was originally published in 1960.

A Boy Called Michael

RRP $14.99

A Boy Called Michael tells the story of the most famous boy in the whole of pop. Among the breathtaking revelations, Michael likes making friends with little boys, Michael likes making friends with animals, and he tries to heal the world.

About the Author

Peter Robinson's award-winning novels have been named a Best Book of the Year by Publishers Weekly, a Notable Book by the New York Times, and a Page-Turner of the Week by People magazine. Robinson was born and brought up in Yorkshire, England, and now divides his time between North America and Richmond, Yorkshire.


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Baby Clothes Babies Nappies Baby Boy
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