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Home Care For The High-risk Infant

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This revised, expanded edition addresses the increased interest in and demand for information about the nursing care of premature, technology-dependent infants once they are at home. Clinical practice and research updates, care plans, assessment forms, sample care maps, and other hands-on materials presented in an 8 1/2 x 11 format make this a practical tool as well as a textbook.

The Infanticidal Logic Of Evolution And Culture

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This book argues that, because existence costs (the two words are cognates), any living thing must economize--shift more of its energy costs onto the world, including other living things, than its competitors are able to; that to economize is therefore to engage in exchanges that are sacrificial at their core; and that such economization is infanticidal in its ultimate implications. The opening chapters delineate the infanticidal ramifications of the central concepts of evolutionary biology (for example, the concepts of adaptation and reproductive fitness). Succeeding chapters show how texts foundational to western culture--Genesis, the Odyssey, Oedipus the King, the Gospel of John--have attempted to demystify the cultural practices that repress the recognition of the infanticidal horizon to biological existence. The final chapter shows how four contemporary American science fiction films (StarTrek: The Motion Picture, Terminator 2: Judgment Day, The Matrix, and Alien Resurrection) struggle against the infanticidal critique at work in the Judeo-Christian and Greek traditions.

Cerebellar Hemorrhagic Injury In Premature Infants Occurs During A Vulnerable Developmental Period And Is Associated With Wider Neuropathology

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Cerebellar hemorrhagic injury (CHI) is being recognized more frequently in premature infants. However, much of what we know about CHI neuropathology is from autopsy studies that date back to a prior era of neonatal intensive care. To update and expand our knowledge of CHI we reviewed autopsy materials and medical records of all live-born preterm infants (<37 weeks gestation) autopsied at our institution from 1999-2010 who had destructive hemorrhagic injury to cerebellar parenchyma (n = 19) and compared them to matched non-CHI controls (n = 26). We favor the possibility that CHI represents a primary hemorrhage arising due to the effects of impaired autoregulation in a delicate vascular bed. The incidences of neuronal loss and gliosis in the inferior olivary and dentate nuclei, critical cerebellar input and output structures, respectively were higher in CHI compared to control cases and may represent a transsynpatic degenerative process. CHI occurs during a critical developmental period and may render the cerebellum vulnerable to additional deficits if cerebellar growth and neuronal connectivity are not established as expected. Therefore, CHI has the potential to significantly impact neurodevelopmental outcome in survivors.


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